As Sunfrac Team;

we understand your needs, determine and produce innovative facade systems for you by considering every angle suitable for your architectural project. We say more comfortable and more decorative, and we ensure transformation in aesthetics.

While our production continues with the latest technologies; we are constantly developing, improving and producing.

We love the sector we operate in. Thus, we use our knowledge and experience to develop and produce the highest quality products in every sense.

We are aware that human resources are the most important and fundamental value. In addition to our strong experience and engineering capability, we have a team spirit with strong communication skills, always in cooperation and most importantly customer-oriented.

We ensure that you achieve aesthetics and functionality at the same time. Your satisfaction is our success. Your satisfaction means that we are rapidly approaching our leadership target in the sector.

Get to Know Our Team Better

Project Coordinator

  • Muhammet Gezmiş

  • +90 538 931 35 31


Project Engineer

  • Ertuğrul Ergün

  • +90 537 734 06 05


Design Engineer

  • İbrahim Tavşan

  • +90 216 379 77 14


Project Engineer

  • Gülcan Saka

  • +90 538 543 08 07


Happy Employees

People who work
passionately in

Health and Safety

Special attention to
employee health
and safety


An open-minded,
empathetic and
multicultural global
company culture


Employees whose
creativity increases
with the latest

Employee Engagement

Reinforcing internal
belonging with
strategic solutions
that enhance loyalty

Career Development

Career steps
towards personal
development and